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Nintendo Has a Jet Pack Somewhere -Games Post-

Okay. So who hasn’t heard of the 3DS? …Thinking about my blog’s audience…okay. The Nintendo 3DS was revealed at this year’s E3 conference, and even sorting through all of the awesome titles they’re planning to release for the Wii and … Continue reading

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I Just Like Him! -Asexuality Post-

So, on Friday at my particular school (Which we’ll call CH) we had the first CH Theater Club kickoff meeting. I was kind of excited to go, because I like theater. Being a first-timer and a sophmore was kind of … Continue reading

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A Question Of Rights -Gender Post-

I apologize for the not-having-a-post-in-a-week thing I pulled there. Seriously. School sucker punched me. Anyway, something’s been weighing on my mind lately. Homosexuality, as most people know, has progressed a lot in the last couple of decades, although it still … Continue reading

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Visibility -Asexuality Post-

A lot of asexual people got it wr0ng. With asexuality, we’re fighting for visibility, not equal rights per se. The conflict with homosexuality has gone back centuries. Why? They were physically having sex with men or women, which many people … Continue reading

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Keep Circulating the Tapes -animanga post-

(This was originally typed on Microsoft Word) Due to OneManga‚Äôs recent takedown, a lot of manga fans are very concerned. OM was a website where various parties posted translated scanlations, or English versions of manga pages, to allow anyone to … Continue reading

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And The Divide Just Keeps Getting Bigger -Gender Post-

For those of you that don’t know the definition of gender over sex, let me explain: sex is what most people mean when they say gender, but sex is only your sexual characteristics (a penis for a male, vagina for … Continue reading

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An Introduction

Welcome to the very first post of ‘The Asexual Otaku’. It’s going to cover a lot more than just asexuality and lovely little cartoons that come from Japan. Mostly, I’m going to cover: Asexuality, the genderqueer and transgender community, Anime, … Continue reading

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