An Introduction

Welcome to the very first post of ‘The Asexual Otaku’. It’s going to cover a lot more than just asexuality and lovely little cartoons that come from Japan. Mostly, I’m going to cover: Asexuality, the genderqueer and transgender community, Anime, manga, light novels and general Japanese culture, Science Fiction, video games, as well as other small and eccentric internet groups.

Look forward to the next post!


About lanceofwolves

I'm an asexual genderqueer otaku sci-fi geek who plays video games. :3
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One Response to An Introduction

  1. Ace Amoeba says:

    Well, I’m sold! I definitely am interested to hear your perspective on those topics. They are all asexual friendly. Please don;t leave me hanging, I want you to update soon.

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