I Just Like Him! -Asexuality Post-

So, on Friday at my particular school (Which we’ll call CH) we had the first CH Theater Club kickoff meeting. I was kind of excited to go, because I like theater. Being a first-timer and a sophmore was kind of awkward, because people expected you to…know things. But I will stop my babbling at ‘it was awesome’.

There is a student at CH who I’ll dub H. H is awesome. He’s fun, he gets pumped up about school, and he’s very nice. He’s like that awesome immature big brother you never had. Anyway, I got a ride home from him on Friday because I was going to a baseball game and didn’t have time to walk, and after I said to my family ‘H is awesome’ my brother started teasing me, saying I LIKED him. not liked. LIKED. As in taking and doing nasty things in the band room’s drum cave like. Honestly, I don’t. I just like him.

That got me thinking. How come popular culture can’t seem to differentiate LIKE from just plain old like? Why is it that if you start hanging out with anyone of the opposite sex you automatically have a ‘thing’ for one another? In my case, I haven’t made friends with many boys, so me admiring one might be mistaken for a crush. But the sexual world has a fascination with relationships that isn’t really all that horrible, at least until they start pestering you about your love life. This is especially tough for me, the aromantic asexual. I’m never going to like someone, at least in my forseeable future. But if we keep heading down the same path people are going to see romantic ties where there are none, or at least call me a lesbian.

Society’s obsession with relationships, dating, and sex are found everywhere. From TV shows that showcase it to Public High Schools like CH that exploit other students with it, the ‘nasty three’ (That’s refering to sex. Dating and relationships are perfectly fine. I couldn’t call it the big 3.) have come to be so intertwined with our culture that asexuals and aromantics alike can feel trapped or like they don’t belong. This isn’t really any one person’s fault, and really the nasty three have been prevelant in our culture for as long as we’ve existed.

This is not a modern phenomena.

So, in closing, I like him. I don’t LIKE him.


About lanceofwolves

I'm an asexual genderqueer otaku sci-fi geek who plays video games. :3
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