Nintendo Has a Jet Pack Somewhere -Games Post-

Okay. So who hasn’t heard of the 3DS?

…Thinking about my blog’s audience…okay. The Nintendo 3DS was revealed at this year’s E3 conference, and even sorting through all of the awesome titles they’re planning to release for the Wii and this new system, the other conferences should have just given up and gone home.

At the conference there was a big push for 3D graphics. Almost everyone had something to do with it, if you count the NATAL…sorry, the “Kinect”. Anyway, you know those embarassing glasses that hurt your eyes at 3D movies? Well, the 3DS has 3D effects without those annoying thing. And judging by the fact that they brought out like 100 of their new system after their conference, and the fact that everyone was very impressed, I would say it’s not a fluke.

They’re planning to release several great titles on it: Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, and finally after 20+ years, another Kid Icarus game. Nintendo was really pandering to their hardcore players this year, which is refreshing from stuff like, you know…Wii Music.

Another good part is that although it gets rid of the GBA slot, it now has technically 4 cameras, 2 facing outward and 2 facing inwards. Why? Because, silly, It’s going to take effing 3D pictures. There are other features like an SD slot, a new sliding pad, much better graphics, a wider upper screen, etc. For someone who has had th first release of the DS for a very long time, not getting a single upgrade, this is required merchandise. The 3DS should prepare to join my family of portables: GBC, GBA, and my good old DS.


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