Girls and Boys and all the whatsits in Between -Gender Post-

I’m posting! Holy jeebers, Batman! In all seriousness…

After school I work in the high school’s theater department, where I paint and do other such menial tasks.  A few days ago, a funny incident happened that got me thinking.

A boy who we’ll call A.H. is apparently in acting, and for some reason unknown to us he came into the shop (the portion behind the stage where we do the theater’s dirty work) with a woman’s shirt and fake breasts on. And I just kept staring at them – not because they were attractive (at all!), but because I was thinking how fun it could be if biology and sex weren’t so rigid.

This is discounting transgendered people for the most part, as we push the binary boundary as it is. But what if we could have men with breasts if they wanted, or women with p*nises, or any combination of existing or nonexisting sexual characteristics? It would sure be interesting. In that type of world, concepts like binaries and sexuality simply wouldn’t exist. Because there would be no set parameter for gender or sex, you’d call yourself whatever you’d like. This might be a bit optimistic, but since there are no gender binaries and no strict ‘heterosexual’ then you’d be able to screw or not screw anyone you’d like.

But considering we don’t have the ability to use time machines or edit DNA in that way, how about a more feasible, if still somewhat difficult, solution. What about stopping the rigid and strict gender binary? That may seem impossible, but transgendered people are already pushing society’s boundaries.

I’m not telling you red-blooded American manly men to go dress in drag just because. I’m telling people to present how they want to. Not just because they’re ‘not transgendered but feel like they have to stick neatly in the girl or boy box’. So what if a guy wants to wear a skirt and eyeliner to school one day and a flannel shirt and fake beard the next? Or a girl dresses in a suit for prom but wears poofy dresses the weeks following? Why should people have to stick to one all the time, boy or girl? Does a person’s physical sex characteristics matter in the first place? Most of all, are we free to be boys or girls or all the whatsits in between?


About lanceofwolves

I'm an asexual genderqueer otaku sci-fi geek who plays video games. :3
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