Since I Have Nothing Better to Talk About -SciFi Post-

Since it seems I’ve had a blackout of asexuality and gender-related issues, I’m going to talk about something I’m sure Charles will like: Doctor Who.

Now, I’m as broken up as any of you over the departure of the Tenth Doctor. I cried, I really did. And I thought Matt Smith was going to be positively awful. After all, David was the Best. And that deserves a capital letter. Anyway, upon brooding myself week after week, trying to free myself from Ten withdrawl (and I was unsuccessful, because I’m an enabler…to myself) and trying not to hate Matt Smith until I was blue in the face, because let’s face it, he looked strange, I finally caught the new episode on BBC America. This is basically a record of what happened:

First 10 minutes: God, I hate him so much. Ten should pop out of that crack and punch him in the face. Amelia’s kind of a cute little girl, though.

10 minutes later: Omg it’s Amelia in a fetishy police woman’s uniform. And He’s helpless! YES! Ffffff- what is that giant worm thing!? Did I accidently change the channel to an Alien marathon?

20 minutes later: You big lummox, of course she’s Amelia…er, sorry, Amy. (A.N: Notice at this point I’ve stopped wishing for his death)

near the end of the episode: A bow tie and tweed? Seriously?

about five minutes after that: How dare you step through David’s face!

Episode end: Oh. Oh god. I…actually sort of…liked it…NOOOOOO!

Anyway, as you can see, I was pretty not fond of him at first. I liked the companions, and the stories were good. But he still is ‘Doctor in name only’ because he’s still got a bit of convincing to do before I think of him as the Doctor and not Matt Smith. However, I can hardly wait until Christmas comes ’round…


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I'm an asexual genderqueer otaku sci-fi geek who plays video games. :3
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