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A S.O. Will Make Everything Better (or So They Say) -Asexuality Post-

It is my impression that many, many sexuals (and some asexuals) buy into the idea that to be happy, one must have a sexual or romantic partner. Relationships are highly pursued in this day in age, but in many cases … Continue reading

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Doctor Who to Film in America? -SciFi Post- According to the above Doctor Who website, Doctor Who is going to be filmed in America for a bit in an episode I’m extremely excited for. Not that I’m dissing DW’s British…ness…I just like it when the show acknowledges … Continue reading

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The Conundrum of Social Sexism -Gender Post-

Okay, so I say it’s about gender, but it’s really about sexism. And before either side gets huffy and walks away, let me explain myself. This isn’t about laws or whatnot. This is, as the title implies, completely social. Most … Continue reading

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