The Conundrum of Social Sexism -Gender Post-

Okay, so I say it’s about gender, but it’s really about sexism. And before either side gets huffy and walks away, let me explain myself.

This isn’t about laws or whatnot. This is, as the title implies, completely social. Most would say ‘reverse sexism’ but in fact, it’s just plain sexism. Sexism is making any judgements based on gender alone.

Men are discriminated against. Society looks down on men that act feminine or submissive. There are not ‘real men’, and it’s where a lot of homosexual stigma comes from in the first place. Because the stereotypical idea of a homosexual is someone who is on flamboyant fire, they are not ‘real men’, and therefore men who are straight but sensetive are automatically assumed to be gay.

Men who have long hair are hippies or lazy asses, men who wear skirts are sissies, men who wear make-up are freaks. In a lot of ways, men are more oppressed than women.

Not to say women aren’t oppressed by this Social Sexism either. Although displaying male dominance is usually cheered upon, as it is looked on well  by feminists, it’s only okay if you look like a woman too.

woman who don’t style their hair, wear make-up, or dress feminine are not really bothered by modern people, but with older and middle aged woman it’s generally frowned upon. They lived in an age of sexual and gender oppression, and believe it or not, our parent’s opinions often have a great deal of influence over our own. (shocking!) Women who dress, act, or cut their hair like men are also assumed to be lesbians, just like men are assumed to be gay. They call them dykes.

I personally hate that word with a passion. I hate ‘dyke’ and ‘faggot’. Those are offensive and rude. Just because a person chooses not to express themselves as the media persists we do doesn’t make them freaks. A favorite quote of mine basically says “people take different roads to achieve success. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”


About lanceofwolves

I'm an asexual genderqueer otaku sci-fi geek who plays video games. :3
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