Doctor Who to Film in America? -SciFi Post-

According to the above Doctor Who website, Doctor Who is going to be filmed in America for a bit in an episode I’m extremely excited for.

Not that I’m dissing DW’s British…ness…I just like it when the show acknowledges my country exists. Something about the Doctor saying the name of it makes me squirm with delight. I didn’t mind Daleks in Manhattan, but honestly the lack of truly American actors an current relevance kind of annoyed me. Somehow, I think, writing a story about Manhattan without actually having people from Manhattan on the cast is cheating, since they filmed it in Cardiff, as usual.

Not to mention River Song’s back, meaning that this may be the last we’ll see of her, hopefully (yes I don’t like River Song. Sue me). And even though she’s in this one I have the creeping feeling it will be wonderfully epic. Hopefully.

While we’re on the subject of DW and the United States, I’m hoping that somehow somewhen that Doctor Who will run a bigger ad campaign in America other than on BBC America. Of course, the advertising on that channel does work, but limitedly. I suppose I just wish when I talked about Doctor Who people wouldn’t ask me what it was, because I then end up saying awkwardly, “It’s a show about a alien who travels time and space in a police box” because although it’s true, it fails to capture what the show really is about.

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