Once Upon a Time on the Moon Part 1: The Arrival

(Yeah, I don’t normally write prose on here, but I shall link it to tumblr anyway and all the Yadas shall read it so.)

Once upon a time on the moon, there was a group of awesome people with a tendency to defy the gender binary. How did they get on the moon, you ask? Because Yada Science said they could, and the author funded them. And while the YS was working on their moon plan (which, in case you didn’t know, involved mass queerification of the moon) they were also working on a trans-dimensional whositmajig. The reason is simple: They wanted to show the Doctor a comfortable place with wonderful people where he could rest between adventures. And so the story begins.

The previously mentioned bowtie-wearing alien had just dropped Amy and Rory off for their honey moon and was wondering what he should do next; visit the Eye of Orion for some much needed R&R? Go see what the Silurians were up to? Who knew. Regardless, as he was deciding, a sudden jolt shook the inside of the TARDIS, and the Doctor was thrown across the console’s clear glass floor.

He sat up, bewildered, and stared at the console readings. He was allegedly on Earth’s moon, which, to be honest, wasn’t all that spectacular. “You almost gave me heart attacks, Old Girl,” He said to the TARDIS.

Stepping outside, though, he realized this was no ordinary moon.

Apparently defying a lack of oxygen (which he wasn’t) a finely dressed gentlemen in wingtips and a sequined suit stood in front of him. A bit away, someone shouted “It worked!” And then came a “Hooray!”

Who is this stranger in fabulous clothing? Where is Charles? Why did we choose the moon, anyway? Why am I asking all these questions? The answer to all that and more in the next installment of Once Upon a Time on the Moon!


About lanceofwolves

I'm an asexual genderqueer otaku sci-fi geek who plays video games. :3
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