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Radical Feminists and Transgendered People [Gender Post]

First of all, let me get this out of the way: Radfems piss me the fuck off. Sorry for the language, but they do. I understand feminism, I do. I understand the movement to lift sexism out of language, professional … Continue reading

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The Conundrum of Social Sexism -Gender Post-

Okay, so I say it’s about gender, but it’s really about sexism. And before either side gets huffy and walks away, let me explain myself. This isn’t about laws or whatnot. This is, as the title implies, completely social. Most … Continue reading

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Girls and Boys and all the whatsits in Between -Gender Post-

I’m posting! Holy jeebers, Batman! In all seriousness… After school I work in the high school’s theater department, where I paint and do other such menial tasks.  A few days ago, a funny incident happened that got me thinking. A … Continue reading

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A Question Of Rights -Gender Post-

I apologize for the not-having-a-post-in-a-week thing I pulled there. Seriously. School sucker punched me. Anyway, something’s been weighing on my mind lately. Homosexuality, as most people know, has progressed a lot in the last couple of decades, although it still … Continue reading

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And The Divide Just Keeps Getting Bigger -Gender Post-

For those of you that don’t know the definition of gender over sex, let me explain: sex is what most people mean when they say gender, but sex is only your sexual characteristics (a penis for a male, vagina for … Continue reading

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